What is Etermis?

An injectable gel made from hyaluronic acid, mannitol, and lidocaine, Etermis offers patients an effective method for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning of the lips. Most generally, this face filler is suitable for use on skin with early signs of aging. Part of Merz Aesthetics’ line of Etermis fillers, Etermis has excellent patient tolerability and a low rate of adverse events. Complete with 3 different forms of  Etermis Injectable Filler, this range offers a variety of aesthetic applications, including the enhancement of the lips, the reversal of deep folds, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Merz Aesthetics is a leader in the aesthetic and therapeutic markets. The creator of the world’s first anti-wrinkle cream in 1953, this company is a driver of innovation and development in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Patients and practitioners can rest assured knowing that Merz products are backed by decades of research, development, and distribution of cosmetic products Etermis comes in sterile packaging and includes 2 pre-filled 1mL syringes and 4 sterile 27G ½” needles. This gel should be stored between 2 and 25°C and should be kept away from light and frost to avoid degradation.

What is Etermis Used For?

Etermis is used to reduce moderate wrinkles and offer enhancement to the lips. Specifically, Etermis Filler can be injected into the nasolabial folds and marionette lines in order to give the face a more youthful appearance.

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Is Etermis Product Safe?

While Etermis has been approved for safe use, certain patients may not use this dermal filler. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those under the age of 18 cannot be injected with this Etermis Medicated Cosmetic Filler. Additionally, those with any sign of infection, clinical inflammation, or allergies to hyaluronic acid or mannitol should not undergo treatment.

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Side Effects of Etermis:

Etermis won’t cause any rare side effects. And the common ones are easy to indicate. These common side effects of Etermis are:

  • Inflammation, Including Redness.
  • Erythema.
  • Edema.
  • Swelling, Pain, And Hyperthermia.
  • Formation Of Inflammatory Or Non-inflammatory Nodules.
  • Allergic Reaction, Immediate Or May Be Delayed.
  • Blood Vessel Blockage If The Filler Went in Any Artery.

Cautions To Take Etermis:

The company didn’t mention many cautions. But still, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional authorized doctor to inject Prescription Drugs before using this product. That is necessary to avoid any mishap and to get better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Etermis safe to Use?

Yes, it is, only if you let a professional use this sort of medication on you.

2. Is Etermis Poisonous?

No, it is not, but in rare cases, if the filler goes into any artery, it can cause a blood blockage.

3. How many Etermis dosages are enough?

That depends on how long you want the results to last. You can get two or three or four dosages based on what sort of results you want.